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“I didn’t feel the connection anymore, as if it was starting to break free.”

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“The unknown girl was gone, vanished, and not a single trace of blood was found.”

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The sky began to falter, darken, as the sun went down quickly. The time blinking above the radio in the car, while midnight began to approach.

“Mom, how much longer?” I asked, turning my head…

‘I’m starting to feel free again.’

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It feels like my eyes are closed, nothing but darkness surrounding me. Cold, freezing air swirling around me, still, like I’m stuck outside in the coldest of winter with no cover, no shelter. It was as if I was stuck outside in the cold…

“Nobody suspected the monster to be a boy.”

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I stood beside my parents in the cemetery, my black suit all tied together in neatness, my arms folded in front of me with my head tilted down. The sobs surrounding me, my ears bleeding from the crying of people I did…

“The legends were real.”

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“This has marked the fourth disappearance in the town of Hollowview in the past two months, as police advise parents to keep their children with them at all times, and arranging a curfew at 8:00 pm,” the radio blared out later that night from the speakers…

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“So, how is the writing going?” He asked me, my Grandpa as I stood in the doorway of his room one evening. Him, not even giving a slight acknowledge I was there, while he peered at the ceiling as he lied on his bed. As if he was only talking…

Raye Halabuza

Photo by Elijah O'Donnell on Unsplash

I have not witnessed a lot of bad things in my life. I feel as if I have been shielded in a way; which isn’t always a bad thing. Not a lot has hit close to home, until about a year ago. …


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